please take me back to school, spike

These kids are the ones who, during a school election, either ran for the top spot, or made biting, sarcastic commentary instead, knowing they'd never win.
There are left-wing and right-wing, conservative and liberal politicos.
There are do-gooder, greenie, and pinko lefty-scum politicos.
There are sound minded, level headed, non- judgmental, intelligent, unbiased politicos.
And then there are the...

rebecca's pocket

It is completely untrue that Rebecca Blood is a goth. She doesn't wear white face-paint, long flowing black clothes, or doc martin boots. It is also completely untrue that she bathes in the juices squeezed from the still-beating hearts of her political opponents. Her last name is a complete misrepresentation that'll see you in court, buddy.

Rather, Rebecca loves all things. Even the small spiky insects that infest the kitchen drawers. Even the small squishy things that end up on the sole of your shoe when you walk through parks where people don't clean up after their dogs. Even the aching, scabby sores that show up after dealing with the pay-per-view members of society. And if you don't believe it, she'll rip you a new one.

what's on it
for me?

Michael Wasylik decided a black & white weblog design was simply the wrong way to go for political commentary, so he changed his weblog design to a colour far more appropriate. Now the colour pattern is strangely reminiscent of a dirty arsehole, an oddly accurate analogy.

It's hard to see which side of the political fence Michael sits, on, but as the fence is picketed, don't be surprised to find him in the middle. Which gives him the advantage of abusing everybody without taking sides. If he keeps that up, he could become a true politician.

neo flux

As there is more than one voice to neo flux, picking its political persuasion may be a little difficult. To save you time and money, here it is: transsexual. That's right. neo flux's political stance is that of a big burly man in makeup, a wig and a boofy floral dress.

Lately the folks at neo flux have hit upon the idea of combining politics and sex. Which would have been a good idea, except for the fact that, as Hunter S. Thompson explains in "Better Than Sex", when you put politics and sex side by side, sex is always ignored for the gross inhumanity that is politics.


Outwardly, Richard Blumberg is almost as critical of the political situation in America as he is of the media coverage of the political situation in America. Almost. Inwardly, Richard loves "the sloth, cowardice, and sycophantic mindlessness of the media coverage". He can't get enough.

Torn between revealing his love of the media's crassness and his hatred of it's subject, Richard's weblog is is filled with bitterness, cynicism and sarcasm. So he fits right in with the rest of the politicos. You might say he's their role model.


He might not be old enough to vote, but that doesn't stop Matt Dabrowski from divvying up his time between the bitchiness of American politics and the shittiness of International politics. And when he can vote, you can rest assured he will register, so he can exercise his right to elect the worst person possible.

For though you can't tell it from his Web site, Matt, alias "the opossum", is actually an Iranian terrorist hell-bent on destroying the world greatest symbol of democracy; Starbucks. He'll crush their cappuccinos, vanquish their viennas and short-circuit their short-blacks. Or be killed in the attempt.