please take me back to school, queenie

You know this couple. They are just sooo cute together. Made for each other. Whenever they banter, heart-shaped sparks fly. She's so sweet, he's so gorgeous. It's enough to make you ralph in your lunchbox.
But you won't. For no matter how envious you get that she got to be the Maize Princess and he the Corn Prince, you can't deny that they're perfect together as the...


Mark Olynciw is 15 years old, but already old enough to graduate into the Weblog Hall of Fame. Already online longer, and more often, than the guy, Mark has become the teen-hero of the weblogging world. Wise beyond his years. Sexier than his peers. Unbearabley nice, all sugar, no spice, except for his sticky-out ears.

As Prom King, Mark is gifted with going out with the Prom Queen. Luckily for Mark, there are plenty of weblogging princess ready to trade up. Especially for a catch like Mark. He's already started his own harem. Can a fan club be that far behind?


Tracy Scarpino owns ouch!, a weblog that is designed in black and grey, and written in colours. Well, colour names anyway. Tracy is "proud of the fact that Roger Ebert once called [her] an idiot." And that was only because Roger couldn't work out what the hell "#FFFFFF wine" is.

Having finished flirting with Roger Ebert, she has begun flirting with Mark Olynciw. Mark has promised to date her, provided that she reveals the left side of her face. What Mark doesn't realise is that Tracy's face has had a dead fetus surgically grafted to it. It seemed a good idea at the time; perhaps no longer so.


Ah Zannah, digital girl... with a browser and too much spare time. Between weblogging and work, Zannah has just enough "bandwidth" to hand stitch her Prom dress for the Big Day. Although Zannah and Mark haven't crossed links yet, it's inevitable that they do so. Written in the stars.

Not that Zannah can't cope on her own. She's come as close as anyone to turn a gay man straight, and knows her way around mastubation. Which is very, very, very, very, very handy for online life. Especially when #blogIRC moves to "blue sunday night".


Caroline van Oosten de Boer is a self professed drama junkie, which is why she is dying to become the Weblog Prom Queen. Though she is stationed in Amsterdam, and Mark in Waterford, CT, Caroline is determined to make this long-distance relationship work. Or have several screaming matches trying.

Caroline has already started her online relationship with Mark, though things are off to a rocky start. It's just that, well, Mark seems a lot older online, and Caroline a lot younger... but who knows? Opposites attract, right? Caroline may yet become Prom Queen. Or at the very least, get in a cat fight with Tracy and Zannah.