please take me back to school, you rebel you

Some people rebel because they have no choice. Some people rebel because they cannot stand the system. These guys rebel because one day they woke up and realised they were trapped in the horribly mediocre society of weblogs, with no way out, no escape.
Each of these webloggers rebels in a different way, and each is different to an ordinary weblog. Not better, just... different.
You may kill their will to live, but you can never kill the style of the...

blitz | blog

blitz | blog rebels against all sense of readability and useability. From the awkward navigation system to the ineligible light-grey on fluro-green text, Benjamin Deboute manages to ignore every piece of advice that has ever fallen from the bless-ed lips of Jakob Nielsen.

All this adds up to a dangerous weblogging entity. He's armed with blogger and he's not afraid to use it to link to any old shit he wants. And if you're not careful, he'll link to you, thereby dropping the credibility of your site that extra little bit. Like you can afford that. He can. Beware.


Nikolai Nolan rebels against the savagery of mediocrity that plagues the weblog world. Always different, always interesting, he battles his way through the drudgery of normality to come up with brilliant stroke, such as his Web Elements.

After spending weeks carefully formulating each pixel on fairvue, he carelessly throws together bits and pieces of leftover designs onto openlog. Openlog is Nikolai's metababy, so watch what you say about it, or he'll design something so achingly beautiful it'll make you weep then soil your pants.

running tally

Jason Schupp has just redesign his site with purple circles. Now, it is widely known that purple is a reflection of sexual frustration. And if you have seen his Web site, you'll know he's badly in need of a good faq. So if you're a guy, and you swing that side of the family tree, for god's sake call the man and offer him a good time.

For Jason is gay and the inspiration for the glbt portal, which is badly in need of links to the more sexually deviant webloggers . So watch out for Jason prowling the weblogs with his gaydar turned on. Note that if you actually want on the portal, you have to put Jason out of his sexual misery first. Sorry girls. And guys.


geegaw rebels against the boring links that you find scattered amongst the mundane weblogs that litter the web. geegaw throws philosophy and poetry and book reviews into the mix to ensure that it never descends into the crapness that is eighty percent of the weblogging world.

geegaw also rebels against putting his/her name up on the site. S/He don't want to be labeled, man, and be put into a box, man, and be tucked away by the government, man, so that s/he can rot in corporate hell, man, so chain that to your hash-pipe and smoke it. Man.


What's phish[tale] rebelling against? What have you got? He's rebelling against the media. He's rebelling against the superbowl. He's rebelling against those funny stains you get sometimes on your white shirt from the washing machine if you use to much detergent. And he's especially rebelling against colour.

Jonathan Burr, however, is a caged man. Though his heart is fired with rebellion, the shackles of society are firmly chained round his wrists and ankles. But what else do you expect from a guy who mentions his mother in almost every post?